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Why You Can't Manage Time

How often do you lie in bed in the morning thinking to yourself: 'I wish I could just get one more hour of sleep?' Or perhaps you have just sat down at 9pm and realised that it was first time today that you have been able to take a 'breath' after rushing around working and managing the kids all day. Or you realise you have spent a large share of the day mentally plotting who has to do what by when, and worrying that you have missed something.
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How to get the best out of your Google Calendar

Your Google calendar can help you better manage your day, processes and workload. From remembering birthdays, to planning events and scheduling international meetings. You’ll find your scheduling will improve and your day be less stressful when you use a Google calendar well. 

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5 Things To Do These School Holidays in Sydney

So, you've decided to spend the school holidays at home in Sydney. Now you're looking for things to do for teens and tweens. Preferably kids activities that don't involve a screen! 

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Why you need to keep an organised calendar

Everyone has a calendar. The real question is 'How well do you use it?

It’s Sunday night. The weekend is over. You sit down on the couch and start to plan for the upcoming week. You know that on Monday you have work, but is your son going to soccer practice or has he got tutoring? When is his assessment? How about your daughter, hasn’t she got an excursion this week?

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Are You Responsible For Your Household's Diary?

Calendars. Schedules. Diaries. No matter what you call it, they are never easy. Managing your own is hard enough. Managing it for the entire family is a whole other challenge.

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How much is your time worth?

If you feel under pressure or overwhelmed as a parent, know that you’re not alone. It’s a universal feeling that engulfs all parents and they often feel that they simply lack time in the day. Time as a parent is invaluable and the parenthood plate is full, and it isn’t easing up. From working, raising kids, managing the household and a social life, exercising, the list goes on and seems to never to end. It’s no wonder parents feel short on time and a sense of stress.

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Eliminating the '2nd shift' in coordinating your family

If you have forgotten your child’s event, just didn’t see the permission slip that had to be filled in, or got frustrated in trying to find that school email that you need -  you are not alone.

Just recently, I rocked up with my son to his soccer game to discover that not only had I got the place wrong, I had the time wrong too.  My son was devastated and my mother’s guilt went through the roof.

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