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Our Mission – to help fix one big problem

The statistics are alarming.

Parents and carers are struggling. The juggle between work and family responsibilities is causing 1 in 2 women, and 1 in 3 men, substantial stress. Balancing household chores & caring work is one of the most challenging issues facing 1 in 2 families.


The 2019 National Working Families Report

We know outsourcing household chores really helps. But right now it’s just too hard, too time-consuming to find the service, right person and too expensive for many parents.

My name is Michelle Forster and this is why I have created My Family Hand. Our mission is to be the helping hand for parents to outsource any chore by either making existing chores more efficient or by making it easier and cheaper to outsource to trusted products and services.

Long term we want to get parents back 10 hours a week, feel a lot less stressed and help fix one very big problem.

Our calendar-based school app automates the chore of managing school communications

As a mum to three kids at different schools, juggling all the to-dos and events was driving me crazy! Jumping between a wall calendar in our kitchen, my phone calendar, emails, sticky notes, and the somewhat unreliable mental bank meant that I never had a complete view of what was happening for our family. I felt disorganised and frustrated - and terribly embarrassed whenever we missed something important.

In speaking to schools, I now know it is driving schools crazy too! Schools were spending precious time trying to help parents be organised but parents were still not seeing the communications.

Our School Calendar Assistant gets back time for both schools and parents by organising the school communications for schools. All school messages, events and parent tasks are automatically diarised with deadlines and reminders, reducing school's admin load and parent's mental load.

93% of parents say they are more organised and 87% more productive at work.

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