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How much is your time worth?

If you feel under pressure or overwhelmed as a parent, know that you’re not alone. It’s a universal feeling that engulfs all parents and they often feel that they simply lack time in the day. Time as a parent is invaluable and the parenthood plate is full, and it isn’t easing up. From working, raising kids, managing the household and a social life, exercising, the list goes on and seems to never to end. It’s no wonder parents feel short on time and a sense of stress.

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Eliminating the '2nd shift' in coordinating your family

If you have forgotten your child’s event, just didn’t see the permission slip that had to be filled in, or got frustrated in trying to find that school email that you need -  you are not alone.

Just recently, I rocked up with my son to his soccer game to discover that not only had I got the place wrong, I had the time wrong too.  My son was devastated and my mother’s guilt went through the roof.

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