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 Eliminate Unpaid Work

Family admin and scheduling is an unpaid, invisible chore. Unpaid work limits women from being hired, promoted, and progressing into senior management.

Australian women still earn an average of 22.8% - or around $26,596 per year - less than men.

Latest data within WGEA's 2022 report, highlights that progress on the gender pay gap has stalled for the first time, remaining at 22.8%.

Women are overwhelmingly responsible for making family life happen and this unpaid, frequently invisible work is a significant barrier to achieving pay equality. 

At My Family Hand, we believe that eliminating time spent on unpaid work is an essential step to further improve the gender pay gap. 

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Managing family admin & schedules is a significant unpaid burden

From managing everyone’s schedules to staying on top of school, extracurricular and life admin communications and to-dos, women carry a disproportionate amount of the mental load, affecting their stress levels and productivity.

On average, mums spend nearly two hours each week - or 11 business days a year - managing their family schedules and school communications.

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 How we support parents

My Family Hand makes managing school admin easier, reducing their mental load

Being calendar-based, our school app takes the time and stress out of managing school admin and removes the need for parents to add events and tasks to the memory bank.

Not only do we automatically diarise school communications from different channels, we actually organise the communications on behalf of schools so parents have the right detail, at the right time.

93% of parents, using our school app, say they’re more organised, 76% have more peace of mind and more time for themselves and their family.

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My Family Hand empowers mothers to be more productive at work

Our work and personal lives are more blended than ever before - My Family Hand can be synced to iCal, Outlook and Google Calendars letting parents see work and family commitments side by side. Parents are able to more proactively plan minimising last minute clashes between work and family commitments.

87% say they’re more productive at work with our School Calendar Assistant.

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My Family Hand enables shared responsibility for making family life happen

As our app does the heavy lifting in organising and diarising communications, both parents have complete visibility of their family's school schedule and school parent tasks, empowering everyone to share responsibility for making family life happen.


 Why we have partnered with WORK180

My Family Hand is excited to partner with WORK180 to reduce women’s mental load, encourage shared responsibility for unpaid work, and support progressive organisations to close the gender pay gap.

Women’s unpaid work is a significant barrier to achieving pay equality – and the planning and coordination involved in ensuring home and family life runs smoothly is a large and invisible component of this burden.


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