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Reduce the Gender Pay Gap by Eliminating Unpaid Work

My Family Hand is excited to partner with WORK180, an international organisation committed to removing the barriers women face in the workplace.

Women’s unpaid work is a significant barrier to achieving pay equality – and the planning and coordination involved in ensuring school, extracurricular activities and family life runs smoothly is a large and invisible component of this burden.

By automatically diarising school communications, My Family Hand's calendar-based school app helps working mothers more easily manage the juggle of work, home and family life. My Family Hand works closely with schools to organise communications so parent's have what they need to be organised, when they need it, reducing their mental load and encouraging shared responsibility.

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Why schools need to review their school communication app

One of the most common complaints of parents of school-age children is the wasted time they spend managing school communications. It’d be rare to meet a parent who isn’t frustrated about those lost hours each week. It’s even worse for parents with children attending different schools; the chore of navigating more than one school is a job in itself. 

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How some parents often “fail” at mastering the work/parenthood juggle


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The conflict for fathers


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Why parents shouldn't feel guilty about having to "outsource."

“Parents Guilt” is an affliction that plagues many mums and dads every day; whether it be guilt associated with not spending enough time with the kids or feelings of guilt about using services to help them cope with the crazy work/life juggle. 

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SBS “Small Business Secrets” features myWhānau CEO Michelle Forster


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How exhausted parents create extra admin for overwhelmed schools

The to-do list of all parents is endless and always growing. It’s, arguably, even longer when you’re a working parent, juggling the needs of the family with the needs of a boss. Or, if you’re a business owner, you’re also dealing with the stress of running your own company and/or staff. 

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On International Women's day: Entrepreneurs wish we 'Value our time'

First published 9Honey 8th March 2021 - click here for full article.

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9Honey article on myWhānau Family Calendar Assistant

Michelle Forster was struggling to juggle her corporate role with three busy children, and feeling overwhelmed with the hours she had to devote to organising the family activities.

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