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Eliminating the '2nd shift' in coordinating your family

Posted by Michelle Forster on 22 May 2019 3:06:33 PM

If you have forgotten your child’s event, just didn’t see the permission slip that had to be filled in, or got frustrated in trying to find that school email that you need -  you are not alone.

Just recently, I rocked up with my son to his soccer game to discover that not only had I got the place wrong, I had the time wrong too.  My son was devastated and my mother’s guilt went through the roof.

“So it was a simple mistake?”

Well yes and no, a mistake it was but the fix is not really that simple.  With working full time and 3 kids with different activities in 3 different schools, I would drown in emails, app notifications and accessing school portals. One of my kid's school, bless them, are completely over the top in communication, exacerbating the problem and the other school, not so much, which also exacerbates the problem. It sometimes felt like the schools think I don’t work and this is my job!

 So here was my somewhat broken system: “see the email, take a mental note to get back to it or, if I was near our family diary at home, scribble it down or, if I had a bit more time, make a brief note in my online calendar and occasionally invite my partner to the event".  I am sure you can spot the spinning plates and flaws here. 

“Is there a better way?”

Yes most definitely. In response to living and breathing these challenges, I have designed and developed myWhānau.  myWhānau's trusted family assistants eliminate the time consuming and frustrating job of  gathering all your family’s events - giving you back precious time and a whole lot less stress.

The name myWhānau takes inspiration from the concept of Whānau, an amazing inclusive Māori concept (pronounced far-no) that can be translated as extended family. 

Our family assistants sweat the detail so you don’t have to.  We enter into your calendar for each event or activity what, who, when, and we include links to original communications or any online RSVP.  We don’t just attach newsletters to your calendar, we read them and extract any event relevant for your family and separately add that to your calendar too.

Each child is empowered with access to their own calendar with their events which are then aggregated to yours giving you and any other carers complete control and visibility.  We set up reminders that suit you and send you weekly summaries that you can print and stick on the fridge.  Your myWhānau calendar is then synced to your phone calendar giving you one source of truth for all your commitments.   

Michelle Forster CEO at myWhānau - Be organised with your own family assistant


Michelle Forster

Written by Michelle Forster

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