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Why we need female founded startups to solve problems unique to women

We live in a world where entrepreneurs are busy solving problems that are bothering them and to great benefit for all. But statistics show most entrepreneurs are men, with only 22 percent of Australian startups being founded by women. It’s not a great statistic and there are many reasons why.

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Why parents shouldn't feel guilty about having to "outsource."

“Parents Guilt” is an affliction that plagues many mums and dads every day; whether it be guilt associated with not spending enough time with the kids or feelings of guilt about using services to help them cope with the crazy work/life juggle. 

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Why You Can't Manage Time

How often do you lie in bed in the morning thinking to yourself: 'I wish I could just get one more hour of sleep?' Or perhaps you have just sat down at 9pm and realised that it was first time today that you have been able to take a 'breath' after rushing around working and managing the kids all day. Or you realise you have spent a large share of the day mentally plotting who has to do what by when, and worrying that you have missed something.
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