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The invisible chore of managing family admin & school communications

Posted by Michelle Forster on 10 January 2023 3:54:04 PM

I wanted to share this article with you. With 3 kids within 3 years, I can relate whole heartly to Samantha Selinger-Morris words in the SMH - 'motherhood is a crushing responsibility".

I have felt the resentment, exhaustion and frustration and have had my incidents - a memory of smashing some plates comes to mind. Yikes!

If the home was a business, there would be thousands of tech companies fighting to help us be more productive, to improve our wellbeing. But most of what we do is invisible and with such a lack of mum tech entrepreneurs how the hell can you fix this invisible problem if you have never seen, felt, and lived it?

School and the resumption of extracurricular activities is around the corner, and we are about to be swamped again with a stream of communications from multiple channels that we need to read, filter, manually tap into our phone and bloody remember when we need to.

This is what I have fixed. My startup has developed a calendar-based school app that actually organises and communications for schools and automatically create personalised calendar entries with all the deets you need, when you need it - including the link to the original comms.

Not only does it lighten your mental load, it also helps everyone in the home share responsibility for making family life happen - without you having to spend hours organising everything.

So if this is a pain point for you - I would love to hear from you.
Michelle xx

Michelle Forster

Written by Michelle Forster

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