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On International Women's Day, reduce unpaid work managing school & family admin

Posted by Michelle Forster on 7 March 2022 1:12:23 PM

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate women's progress towards equality - and recognise how much further there is to go. The first International Women’s Day was held in 1911, at a time when only eight countries allowed women to vote, and equal pay for equal work was unheard of.

While we’ve come a long way, a significant gender pay gap still exists. Australian women earn an average of 22.8% - or around $25,800 per year - less than men. Women’s unpaid work is a large contributor to this inequity – women work an average of 60.5 hours a week, with 48% of this time unpaid, compared with men, who work an average of 58 hours with just 33% of their time unpaid.

Women’s unpaid work is an invisible employment barrier
Women do a disproportionate amount of unpaid work, which includes caring responsibilities and household chores like cooking, shopping and cleaning. They’re also overwhelmingly responsible for staying on top of work, school, extracurricular and life admin communications, events and to-dos.

Working mums spend nearly two hours each week, or 11 business days a year, managing their family schedules and school communications. Responsibility for this manual and time-consuming task means they have less time to participate in paid work and negatively impacts their productivity, career progression and retention.

myWhānau reduces the mental load and encourages shared responsibility for unpaid work
The myWhānau Family Calendar Assistant is a revolutionary calendar app that takes the time and stress out of managing family admin. It acts like a virtual PA, automatically capturing information from school, extracurricular and life admin emails, websites, portals, and apps, and creating calendar entries with all the information busy working women need.

Our work and personal lives are more blended than ever before. myWhānau provides complete visibility of all home and family to-dos alongside work commitments, empowering parents to spend less time managing life admin and avoid clashes between work and family commitments.

myWhānau makes it easier for both parents to share responsibility for making family life happen and supports women to be more productive at work.

myWhānau helps organisations attract, retain and promote women
myWhānau helps organisations reduce the barriers that prevent women from being hired, promoted, and progressing into senior management positions. By automating family communications and calendar management, we support companies to close the gender pay gap.

1 in 5 Australians changed jobs in 2021, and almost 1 in 4 are considering leaving their current place of employment. Today’s employees are looking beyond pay when deciding to leave their jobs - a lack of personal fulfillment and career growth, mental health impacts and poor work-life balance are increasingly driving the Great Resignation.

Offering myWhānau as part of your employee benefits package demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to creating a supportive, family-friendly workplace culture where the burden of unpaid work is shared. myWhānau gives working mums more time and energy to focus on their careers and empowers them to move into senior positions with confidence.

Learn more about how myWhānau can position your organisation as an employer of choice at

Michelle Forster

Written by Michelle Forster

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