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Reduce The Gender Pay Gap By Eliminating Unpaid Work

myWhānau automates family admin and scheduling - an unpaid, invisible barrier limiting women from being hired, promoted, and progressing into senior management positions.

Australian women still earn an average of 22.8% - or around $25,800 per year - less than men.

While the gender pay gap is closing, progress is slow.

Women are overwhelmingly responsible for making home and family admin and schedules happen - a time-consuming, manual, and constant task. This unpaid and invisible work is a significant barrier to achieving pay equality.

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Managing family admin & schedules is a significant unpaid burden

From managing everyone’s schedules to staying on top of school, extracurricular and life admin communications and to-dos, women carry a disproportionate amount of the mental load, affecting their stress levels and productivity.

On average, mums spend nearly two hours each week - or 11 business days a year - managing their family schedules and school communications.

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 How we support working mothers

myWhānau makes it easier to stay on top of family admin, reducing the mental load

myWhānau is a revolutionary family calendar app that takes the time and stress out of managing family admin and the mental load. It automatically captures information from school, extracurricular and life admin emails, websites, portals, and apps, and creates calendar entries with all the information busy working parents need.

100% of mothers say they’re more organised and 92% have more peace of mind with myWhānau. 

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myWhānau empowers mothers to be more productive at work

Our work and personal lives are more blended than ever before - myWhānau lets parents see work and family commitments side by side. It supports employees to be more productive by reducing the time it takes them to stay on top of family admin and minimising clashes between work and family commitments.

2 out of 3 mothers say they’re more productive at work with myWhānau.

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myWhānau enables shared responsibility for making family life happen

Each automatically generated calendar entry has detailed information and links to the original notification and any updates.

Offering complete visibility of the family schedule, myWhānau makes it easier for both parents to share responsibility for making family life happen.


“My husband is now fully on-board with the family program. Beyond helping me keep all the balls in the air, this app has been fundamental in levelling out the 'kin-keeping' that usually rests with the Mum of the house. My partner is fully across who goes where, does what etc. It has been liberating for me and him!" - Hanna Pelham

Why we are an essential solution for WORK180's Endorsed Employers

myWhānau brands you as an employer of choice

People are increasingly looking for employers who enable them to bring their whole self to work and support work-life balance. Offering myWhānau as part of your employee benefits package demonstrates your commitment to creating a supportive, family-friendly workplace culture that enables mothers to thrive.
96% of mums

myWhānau is a compelling retention tool

Today’s employees are looking beyond pay when deciding to leave their jobs. Emotional and lifestyle factors such as a lack of personal fulfilment, lack of career growth, mental health impacts and poor work-life balance are increasingly driving the Great Resignation. 

myWhānau saves parents on average on average nearly two hours each week - or 11 business days a year,

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myWhānau strengthens your pipeline of female leaders

myWhānau eliminates the family admin and scheduling component of women’s unpaid work. Working mums have more time and energy to focus on their careers and can move into senior positions with confidence.

 An exclusive offer for WORK180's Endorsed Employers

myWhānau is excited to partner with WORK180 to reduce women’s mental load, encourage shared responsibility for unpaid work, and support progressive organisations to close the gender pay gap.

We are delighted to offer your employees an initial 3-month free trial.



We protect employees privacy and an organisation's security 

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Security protected

myWhānau does not integrate with an organisation's IT infrastructure.



Employee family data is protected by our rigorous privacy policy. There is no advertising in the app and no data is sold. Privacy Policy here



The app is password protected and we use SSL encryption and two step verification.

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Secure Data

Our data is secured in a server that meets Australian Government’s highest data security certification. 

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