How To Sync The App To Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Important To Note

You will need to sync the My Family Hand app via Google Calendar on your desktop, not your Google Calendar app on your phone.

Step 1

First. In the My Family Hand app go to Menu > Settings > Add to Phone Calendar then,

- Tap the green button that says "Copy URL"

- Still in your phone open up your email and paste the link that you have copied in a new email.

- Send this to yourself.

- Open your email from your desktop inbox.

Step 2

Open your Google Calendar on your desktop. Click on the Cog Wheel. Then Click on Settings.

Step 3

Click on Add calendar. 

Step 4

Click on From URL.

Step 5

In another tab go to the email that you sent to yourself in your inbox. Copy the URL and paste it in the box here. Don't tick make the calendar publicly accessible. Then Add calendar


Step 6

Andriod - On your phone. Go to the Google Calendar App. Tap the menu (3 horizontal bars). Tap Settings.

For Google calendar on iOs go to step 8.


Step 7

Android - Tap on My Family Hand. Turn on Sync. 


Step 8

All - Go back to main menu in the Google Calendar App and ensure myWhānau or the name you have given the sync is ticked. You can 'hide' myWhānau when you want by unticking it.

Some tips:

If you can't see myWhānau, tap on show more as it may be hidden under this.

Unfortunately, Google Calendar doesn't allow a manual refresh or have set times when they sync between calendars. So there may be a lag between when the entries are adding in your myWhānau app and when you see them in phone calendar. Alas, we can't control this 🙁