How To Sync The App To Outlook


Step 1 - iPhone

For IPHONE:In your Outlook App on your phone. Go to Menu (top left) 

- Then Tap Settings

If you have an Android skip to set 4

Step 2 - iPhone

Scroll down until you see Use Default Browser and ensure it is turned on like picture above.


Step 3 - iPhone

Go To Settings in your iPhone and Scroll down to Safari.

Ensure the Block pop-ups is turned off.


Step 4

 In the My Family Hand app go to Menu > Settings > Add to Phone Calendar then,

- Tap the green button that says "Copy URL" under For Outlook Calendar.

- Still in your phone open up your email and paste the link that you have copied in a new email.

- Email this to yourself.

Step 5

In your computer go to your email that you sent to yourself. Copy the link.


Step 6

Open up Outlook Calendar on your computer. 
On the left hand side, click on Add Calendar.


Step 7

Click on Subscribe from web and then paste the URL link that you copied from your email.
Then click import.

Outlook will then sync. Please note this may take a couple of days.

Unfortunately Outlook calendar doesn't allow a manual refresh or have set times when they sync between calendars. So there may be a lag between when the entries are adding in your My Family Hand app and when you see them in phone calendar. Alas, we can't control this 🙁