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Our School Calendar App Organises Parents

So you don't have to!

For parents to be informed, already overwhelmed schools are forced to spend significant time each week sending out communications and reminders across multiple channels multiple times.

Parents are equally frustrated. To be organised, they have to read everything, decide what's relevant and then manually tap a few words into their diary. Later they have to trawl through all the communications to find the detail they need.

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Our intelligent school calendar app fixes this

From school emails, newsletters, and permission notes, My Family Hand intelligently organises and automatically diarises school communications. Every family at the school gets a personalised diary with all the details they need to be organised- at a tap.

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NSW Schools are saving 4 to 7 hours a week 

With school communications automatically captured and diarised, 91% of NSW parents say they are more organised, 85% less frustrated and 74% are more productive at work! 

With more organised parents and with our automatic deadlines and reminders, schools no longer need to waste time sending out reminders and broadcasting the same information across multiple channels.

Schools report that the percentage of permission forms completed on time has improved by up to 22%.

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We capture communications across multiple systems 

We are the proud partner to School Bytes, FACTS and work with other student management systems like Sentral & Compass.

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With a plethora of "Apps" aimed at reducing school's workload, My Family Hand is the product leader! Never in my 30 years in education have I had such a positive experience dealing with a third-party platform.

My Family Hand is a genuine time saver, that effectively and efficiently streamlines school communications. Backed up by extremely professional staff who respect confidentiality, support is always on hand if needed.

Since joining My Family Hand, the office staff's workload has seen a significant reduction.

Western Sydney Primary School Principal of 750 students

Personalised for each family with the detail Parents need

My Family Hand is automatically filtered by class, group, year, and co-curricular activity.

Entries include all the detail, like what to do and where to go, and contain links for parents to provide consent and make payments directly in the Student Management System. 

Teachers have visibility of their class’s calendar and can add entries about extra materials or uniforms needed on certain days, giving them confidence that students will arrive at class prepared.

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We intelligently organise communications

Our team reads group emails and newsletters and intelligently creates entries depending on content. For example, from a single permission note for camp, My Family Hand can create entries asking parents to consent to the event, complete the wavier form – each with its own reminder and deadline - check the gear list, all the details on the day and can provide reminders for when parents need to pay instalments.

Complete Waiver Form

Complete Medical Form

Check packing list

Day of camp reminder

Every evening we send parents a daily summary 

Parents receive an end-of-day push notification summarising everything added to their calendar that day and what’s on tomorrow. Posts aren’t lost in the news feed.

We can also send immediate ALERTS for cancellations or emergencies.


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We organise and diarise Staff communications too

We can support your teachers further by seamlessly adding their staff events and tasks to their calendar. They can see their class entries and what they need to do side by side.


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We are approved by the NSW Government

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We are approved by both NSW Government and the NSW Department of Education.
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Restricted Access

The app is password protected and can only be accessed by approved users.  We use SSL encryption and two-step verification.


Family data is protected by our rigorous privacy policy. There is no advertising in the app, and no data is sold. Privacy Policy here

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Our data is secured in a server that meets the Australian Government’s highest data security certification.

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